Mariam Heydari

When a woman repeatedly purchases a brand of clothing with a person’s name behind it, there is a degree of mystique, of curiosity, and of desire to learn more about the personality behind the name. That personality is Mariam Heydari, and her hard work has led to vast success.

Mariam Heydari takes an architectural approach to fashion, combining angular, asymmetrical designs with a free-flowing elegance without compromising comfort. Her unconventional avant-garde creations are inspired by bold cuts, unique fabrication, prints, textures, layers, and colors. With the strong aim in freeing her clientele from boring and ordinary clothing, Heydari successfully achieved a loyal following composed of diverse women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds who appreciate innovative artful clothing.

“I work hard to ensure that for both my customers and me, each garment works by itself or with another piece to produce distinctive art that provides long-lasting comfort and style. The unique designs of my line guarantee that your clothing will never be “last season”; they will be your statement of individual chic, worn with pride and poise.” 

To guarantee the quality, care, and individuality of Heydari, Mariam does not believe in mass production. Each and every customer is provided with clothes made to order, to set them apart from the crowd, and reflect their individuality and unconventional style.  

Heydari design is selling over 600 stores around the U.S.A., Canada, and Italy as well as her own showroom and boutique in the heart of Washington, D.C. Heydari has been featured in publications such as COUNCIL Magazine (2012 Designer of the Year) and Dorothy Finell's acclaimed novel, "The Specialty Shop". Her work has also been celebrated at numerous events and shows including DC Fashion Week and The Presidential Fashion Show.


Heydari in the Media

Heydari Studio Event 2016


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Heydari at the Washington Presidential Inaugural Fashion Show 2013

Heydari at DC Fashion Show 2012

Heydari at DC Fashion Show 2009