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Heydari pleated collection - a toast to your individuality!

The Heydari Pleated Collection is part of the Heydari clothing line, made for a daring modern-day woman. Inspired by the famous "pleats please" collection from ISSEY MIYAKE, Heydari Clothing's pleated collection...

Have you ever wondered how much time we spend on our clothes? 

   That time gets even longer when we dress up for a social event. Our first impression is how we look. Your dress is your confidence to carry yourself brilliantly in the world outside. Our fashion sense is a doorway to our inner and bold personality that comes out through the silhouettes of the unique clothes we wear.
   Remember Sherlock? He always made the first assessments about how people dress! 
   But the people around you set the standards for how you dress. First and foremost, people follow what is trendy at the moment. Few dare to challenge and take an unconventional approach! Do not dress to please others, but wear what makes you stand out.
   It's ingrained in our genes - you are what you wear!

Are you ready to be bold?

   Do you want to bring out your true personality behind your everyday and conventional veil? If you are one of those who don't follow the crowd and have your own voice, then the Heydari Pleated collection is exactly what you're looking for!
  Can you wear the same dress from the office to a night out with friends? Why have separate dresses?
   Sensing the need for clothes that are not only unique and easy to wear but also lightweight and travel-friendly, Mariam Heydari started her own fashion line by the name of Heydari Design. 

The Heydari Pleated Collection - a departure from society's norms.

   The Heydari Pleated Collection is part of the Heydari clothing line, made for a daring modern-day woman. The concept of this clothing line is not only unique but also breaks with the norms of everyday clothing. 
   Pleated outfits are as comfortable as they are chic. Mariam Heydari designs with an "architectural approach combining angular, asymmetrical designs with a free-flowing elegance without compromising comfort." The uniqueness of her dresses is not only limited to everyday wear, but you can wear these beauties for any occasion.

Brown Tunic for Women

Top: PBT Cowl Neck

The idea behind this innovative collection:

   Inspired by the famous "pleats please" collection from ISSEY MIYAKE, Heydari Clothing's pleated collection has its own distinctive voice. 
   Do not think you will get one! With its bright colors, artistic approach, and unconventional processing, the pleated collection of Heydari is an absolute eye-catcher.
   The ISSEY MIYAKE collection "pleats please" shows the comfortable relationship between body and fabric. The Japanese designer broke the boundaries between East and West and introduced the concept that changed the fashion scene. 
   And the same concept of comfort became the inspiration for Mariam Heydari!

Live your own life:

   In line with the brand's motto, this pleated collection celebrates the beautiful relationship between your body and the dress you wear. The pleated collection encourages those who love to be free from conventions and live with their own choices.
   The silhouettes of the pleated collection are bold yet simple. Mariam Heydari has created masterpieces with amazing textures, layers, and prints that impress with their unique finishes and unconventional thinking.

Polyester is the fabric of choice for the pleated collection. And why?

   The choice of polyester for the pleated collection was perfect because it is the only fabric that fits the concept of lasting comfort. Polyester is soft to the touch and very durable. It is more wrinkle-resistant than cotton, fades less, and is durable. 

Another reason is the bright colors! 

   You can see all the vibrant colors in the collection and be sure they will never fade. The strong polyester fiber will not tear, stretch or wrinkle as easily as cotton and other natural fibers. Once you buy a garment from Heydari, it will never go out of style with its distinctive style and strong fiber. 


Royal Blue Long Pleated Dress for Women

Dress: PBD106 Dress

   Say goodbye to the boring dress in your closet now. Order now and try it out for yourself! This pleated collection comes in the brightest colors that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Pack the pleated dress for vacation!

   Do you think about traveling with a big suitcase when you plan a vacation?
   Won't that be a hassle?
   Well, here is the thing...
   Heydari's pleated collection is perfect for traveling!
   It is designed with lightweight fabric and a comfortable style. Whether in the mountains or in the desert, the pleated dress gives you the freedom to enjoy to your heart's content. The soft polyester also folds easily and takes up only a tiny part of your bag. Nothing heavy to carry and easy to handle. 
   What more could you ask for?

What does the Heydari pleated collection include?

   The pleated collection features all the stunning and vibrant colors you can imagine. The collection includes pleated dresses, jackets, tops, and skirts, all made of the finest and softest fabric and individual designs in unique shades of blue, purple, pink, and black. 
   The appealing colors with bold cuts highlight the comfort and revealing grace of the collection.

Vibrant colors for a mood lifter!

   Your choice of color reflects your personality, character, moods, style, and what actually you are as an individual. With a pleated dress in such unique colors, you can exhibit your fun-loving and lively nature. 
   Even if you are down and wanna something to lift your mood, there is nothing better than putting on a Heydari pleated dress and having a fun time with friends!


How do you style this amazing pleated collection?

   How you can wear the Heydari pleated collection is only limited to your imagination! You can combine these stylish tops and skirts in any way you like. Let's take how you can combine each piece to get an idea.


 The collection offers a wide range of styles when it comes to tops. You can opt for a baggy top, halter neck top, cowl top, onion top, or a sleeveless top in vibrant colors to suit your style.
   Take a look at our suggestions.

  • Pair the pleated tops with skirts of any length. 
  • For a sophisticated look, try the top with a long skirt. 

  • For a glamorous look, opt for a short skirt. This will be a perfectly chic outfit. 

  • For a casual everyday look, leggings with a pleated top are a perfect choice.

  • Don't you miss pairing up these tops with some jeans and pants! This combo is perfect for a sunny day in the park or a shopping trip to the mall.

   The different styles and cuts offer you to look inside you. Find out which is your distinctive top that matches your individual personality. 

Royal Blue Pleated Tunic for Women


   Heydari's pleated skirts are suitable for every woman, regardless of her age or body shape. The collection gives you the freedom to wear these skirts and look elegant wherever you combine them.
   This is what we suggest:

  • Heydari skirts pair perfectly with Heydari tops. Click here to find a lot of options.
  • Combine the pleated skirts with asymmetrical blouses to complete the fun look.
  • You can choose a simple blouse and dress it down with a denim jacket for a more sophisticated look. 

   The Heydari skirts are clothing items that change the way you look at the skirts. The asymmetrical design opens a new world of styling for you.
   Pleated skirts can be worn in hundreds of ways. Order Heydari pleated skirt today and try out a combination of your choice!

Purple Skirt for Women


   Pleated dresses are flattering and have a slimming effect. So when you pair a pleated jacket with a dress, the outfit's look changes completely.
   The highlight of the collection is the ruffled jacket. It is available in both short and long lengths. The jacket's bright colors and daring cuts will make you shine like a diva ready to conquer the world. The ruffle adds a softening effect to the jacket. 
   You are daring yet simple, you are bold yet soft at heart. Heydari pleated collection mirrors you in dresses! 

Teal Cardigan for Women


   The most interesting piece is the pleated pants! A unique garment rarely designed to perfection by anyone other than Heydari Fashion.
   Combine it with a top of your choice, and you have the perfect outfit for a glamorous, modern, and bold woman. The distinctive cuts and bold design, along with the comfort of the pleated pants, will make them your favorite piece in your closet any time of the year. 

   The Pleated dresses as a whole need no further designing. It’s ready to go. Just put it on when you are short of time and glam your surroundings with your beauty.

Let us not forget the shoes

   Let us not forget the shoes that complement the pleated collection. The collection was designed with lasting comfort in mind. Therefore, they are incredibly versatile and can be styled for any season and occasion. 
   Any look becomes chic when you pair a garment from the pleated collection with heeled shoes, ankle boots, or knee-high boots to add length. The dresses also look incredibly stylish with apartment shoes, even if you want to go for a walk.

What about using belt

   Level up your game and use a studded belt to tie up the Heydari top or skirt! This is how we look at the belt. The belt changes the whole look of the pleated top.

  • Tie the belt on waist and get a glamorous slimming look.
  • Tie a loose at hips and you can pull off a great casual look.
  • Try a studded belt with the long ruffled jacket or top to carry out your look to a wedding or a social gathering.
  • Try a chain belt with any piece of the pleated collection to a night out with friends and outshine the others around you.

   We can only give you a glimpse of how you can spice up your look with this collection. But you can also choose any other pleated combination to outshine the others around you. Order a dress today and discover the stylist that is inside you!

Horizontal pleated dress - try it out!

Green Knee-length Dress for Women

   How to style a dress with horizontal pleats? This is a question that many are looking for an answer to because most people believe that horizontal lines make you look FAT.

   But NO! 

   Heydari pleats collections will only make you look elegant. Women often avoid horizontal pleats because it makes them look fat, but Heydari's pleated collection is an exception to this rule. The baggy style and asymmetrical design will make you look slim and attractive like a girl next door. With their unique finish, asymmetrical and architectural approach, the dresses balance any body shape and create a slimming effect.
   Wear the pleated dress with confidence because the unique cuts and architectural approach will balance what you call the fattening effect. 

   I guess we do not have to say anything about the vertical pleats!

Pink tank top with the skirt for Women

   Vertical pleated dresses with bright colors are the absolute eye-catcher. 
   The dress with vertical pleats already has a slimming effect. These dresses become a must-have combined with the bold asymmetrical cuts and soft fabric.             You can style a single piece as you like or just buy a complete dress from the collection; you will surely be the star of the evening. 

The Bottom Line:

   The Heydari pleated collection is fascinatingly innovative and unique in its approach. It's a collection geared towards modern, bold women. Heydari Fashion's pleated collection is perfect for women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds who appreciate innovative, artful clothing. You'll fall in love with the collections because the clothes never go out of style, or you can say out of season.
   Since each woman is an individual, so each piece is made only to order only. No mass production! Heydari fashion celebrates individuality, setting you apart from the crowd and reflecting your individuality.
   That's our take on this amazing collection. Order the dress now and take a step towards unleashing your inner beauty. Let us know in the comments which piece you liked the most.

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